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PO Box 2292, Issaquah, WA 98027


As a lifeline Issaquah resident, I know firsthand the daily crisis to get around town or to and from work.

  • I’ll prioritize low-cost, quality-of-life improvements around town. We can reprogram our traffic lights to prioritize our movement around town over pass-through traffic through it, explore ways to make our roadways more urban feeling and pedestrian and bike friendly, and focus on traffic enforcement and dangerous driving behavior.

  • I’ll work with our neighboring cities, school boards, and chambers of commerce to identify and advocate for the projects in our region that benefit us all. Interlocal agreements – partnerships – like this work. Period. We saw this model succeed earlier this year when SEAL-TC, a group of Southeast King County cities and chambers of commerce, came together to advocate for the initial funding to widen State Route 18. Let’s build on this progress by supporting state and county investments to Issaquah-Hobart Road, State Route 900, State Route 169, other county roads, and more transit options in and around town.



Enough is enough – we need to set a higher bar for development. Growth should provide real benefits to our community beyond just adding more homes. And we need to secure a more affordable Issaquah for residents of all incomes and all backgrounds.

  • I’ll work to protect the unique character of our neighborhoods, preserve the housing we have now over teardown and redevelopment, require new projects are mixed income with space for small businesses, and give priority to accessory dwelling unit projects. These priorities will provide affordable opportunities to our residents and set standards for the look and feel of growth. Projects in Issaquah should look like they belong in Issaquah.   

  • I’ll fight for creative solutions to affordability, like expanding our water utility discount program to residents living on low or fixed incomes. 



Our easy access to Lake Sammamish and the Issaquah Alps makes Issaquah a stunningly unique destination to live, work, and play.

  • I’ll ensure our community parks are safe and well-maintained for us all to enjoy.

  • I’ll preserve and protect the forested hillsides, open spaces, and salmon habitat that define Issaquah’s charm.

  • I’ll fight to lower our city’s carbon footprint and take meaningful, local action to combat climate change. We can start by actively participating in the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration and requiring new constructing be built to at least a Built Green 4-Star certification. 


Community engagement is at the center of this campaign. And as an Issaquah City Councilmember, it'll be at the center of my decision-making. Issaquah deserves a community-minded city council — one that actively and thoughtfully reaches out to our neighborhoods, community groups, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. We need to meet with and hear from you in your own neighborhoods and during community events around town rather than expecting you to come testify at City Hall.

  • I commit to scheduling regular community coffees around town, timely responding to your emails, and attending community events and HOA meetings to hear your concerns.