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I grew up right here in Issaquah, and I currently live in the South Cove neighborhood. After graduating from Issaquah High School, I received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Washington. I currently work as a legislative assistant for the Washington State House of Representatives, coordinating policy development and communicating with residents all across Southeast King County. I've also managed successful political campaigns in the area and worked in nonprofit tax research. 


I love it when you say hi! Always feel free to call or text me at (425) 614-8162 or email me at 

Issaquah’s my hometown. And I loved everything about growing up here. But, like you, I’ve seen our best-of-the-Northwest town triple in size and I struggle with the daily crisis of traffic. We can do better.


I got in this race because Issaquah needs forward-thinking, community-minded leadership.


As a legislative assistant, my experience comes from helping coordinate policy development for programs and projects here in Issaquah, in the greater Southeast King County region, and all across our state. In this role, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many Issaquah residents. That’s because another important part of my job is communicating with our community – with residents like you, with county, city, and school governments, with chambers of commerce, and with other community groups. 


Over the last three years, I’ve also knocked on nearly 10,000 Issaquah doors. And I’ve heard hundreds of Issaquah stories along the way. I've spoken with families who feel trapped in their neighborhoods as the drive downtown gets longer and longer. I've heard from seniors and young couples who worry about being priced out of their own homes as the cost of living continues to go up.


Traffic, growth, jobs, affordability, and our environment – these issues aren’t new. But the way we talk about them should be. Reducing traffic is about spending less time in your car and spending more time at home with your friends and your family. Affordability is about putting more security and experiences in your pocket. Growth and jobs and the environment are about your overall quality of life.


This vision needs leaders with fresh perspectives and unique voices. My background working for the state legislature, organizing out in the Issaquah community, and growing up here in Issaquah gives me a unique and well-informed understanding of the issues and the stories playing out here in Issaquah and all across our region.


And as a younger resident concerned for my own future and a hometown resident concerned for the future of Issaquah, I’m up to the job and I’d be honored to earn your vote.